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About Me

Alex Brett is an actor currently living in New Jersey. Alex began acting in 2017 when he decided to enroll in an acting class at Michigan State University because of his passion for film and reluctance to break out of his comfort zone and pursue something he always dreamed about. During his time at MSU, he completed numerous acting and filmmaking classes, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Media and acting in student films. Upon Graduation, Alex continued to take acting classes at HB Studio and featured in several independent films and television shows on Fox Nation and Investigation Discovery.

Alex continues to improve his skills by studying psychology, stage combat, screenwriting, and playing guitar. Throughout his life, Alex has asked himself, "Why do I want to be an actor?" In his adolescent years, due to social anxiety, Alex craved the fame aspect of it and wanting to be understood. However, once he actually began acting and having a deeper appreciation for movies and all of art in general, the hunger for fame was replaced by a hunger to create, inspire, and explore the human mind. Having a strong amount of empathy and child-like imagination is what drives Alex to continue to act as well as write.

Recently Alex has starred in a feature film, Her Turn, where he plays an autistic young adult, who must face his fear of change. This role meant a lot to Alex as he too is on the spectrum as well as having other neurodivergent disorders such as Tourettes and ADHD. Previously, Alex has played a gangster in the docuseries, The Great American Heist and will appear on Investigation Discovery as a dirty cop. Alex has a great amount of range and can really transform into each character he plays. Whether it's the protagonist or antagonist, Alex breaks down the characters psyche and finds out what makes them human.

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